A Great F*cking Bag.

It looks great and it carries stuff.

Använda is now LIVE on Indiegogo

Använda Means to Utilize in Swedish

But nobody cares about that

WHAT is it?

It’s a thing that carries other things for you. And you can wear it a few different ways. It’s to carry around stuff you wanna have around, but don’t really feel like holding in your hand all day. It’s a f*cking bag. Put whatever you want in here.

And not just that! Other stuff too!

Think of your own examples, this isn’t rocket surgery.

Made from the Best Stuff

This isn’t an OK bag. It’s a great f*cking bag.

Made from literally the best quality leather we could find (aka Italian Full Grain Leather) (And yeah, there’s a leather free vegan option too).

Sometimes your stuff smells. So we gave the bag a silver lining. Literally. Because silver lining is antibacterial so your smelly stuff doesn’t get your non-smelly stuff all smelly.

Mama always said to pay attention. Or something like that. Anyway, we made every detail to last a lifetime. Even the zinc iron hooks & top of the line YKK zippers.

Things Anvanda DOESN’T HAVE

No Nonsense, Just Awesomesense.

Stupid heavy battery packs

Unnecessary slice proof cloth

A Stupid F*cking app

Modular boxes (seriously, WTF?)

Solar panels. Leave the sun alone

Dedicated pockets for things. Just put whatever you want wherever you want

Designed in Stockholm

The Best City in the World (as rated by us)

Inspired by years of bags falling up short or just falling apart, we said f*ck it and set out to design our perfect bag.

A series of compliments later and we decided to share this beauty with the rest of y’all, because the world’s been a bit weird lately and you deserve it.

Använda is now LIVE on Indiegogo

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